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Brooklyn, NY


Go-comb is a functional and fashional hair comb that fits right in your wallet like a credit card. Wide-tooth go-combs for long, thick and kinky hair. Fine-tooth go-combs for thin, short or facial hair (beards and mustaches), and as a teaser. Mirror combs available. 

Go-combs are great for the gym, travel, gifts, camping, EDC. Personalized go-combs are great for bridesmaid and groomsmen gifts.


Go-combs are hair combs that fit in your wallet like a credit card. Fun gifts for men, women, groomsmen, bridesmaids, and teens. Great for thick, thin, kinky, long and facial hair (beards and mustaches). Some styles double as a mirror! Made from stainless steel and plastic. Wholesale, personalized, and custom orders welcome! Based in Brooklyn, NY.

Look great on the go with combs fit for your wallet.