Minka Sicklinger Brass

  • Minka Sicklinger Brass


Minka Sicklinger Brass


We've teamed up with designer Minka Sicklinger for this edgy, limited edition brass style with deeply etched design. It will only be available until supplies last, so nab one while you can!

If you like to spruce up throughout the day, or prefer to travel light, a go-comb is a great accessory you can take anywhere. This is a fine tooth design, which works great in short hair, beards and mustaches and also for teasing.


Size: 3.25" x 2", or 8.25cm x5.1cm (slightly smaller than a credit card)
Thickness: .1cm (slightly thicker than a credit card)
Material: Durable, lightweight, brass-coated stainless steel with clear coating
Metal Go-Combs are produced abroad and finished in the U.S. 

Buyer Reviews

“Great item, wish I had it years ago — I use it daily. And this is going to be the gift I’m giving out this year for Christmas, a great stocking gift.”

“In out of the wind. Just before ‘The Interview.’ Fresh off the plane. During intermission.The last thing you do before she opens the door. Go-comb is the perfect ally for that last-minute grooming improvement. Great product.”

“These combs are wonderful: Untangles my below-shoulder hair pain-free. Best part is its compact size.”