Matte Black Bottle Opener: Fine Tooth

  • Matte Black Bottle Opener: Fine Tooth


Matte Black Bottle Opener: Fine Tooth


A stainless steel Go-Comb with functional bottle opener, so you can party in style. This Go-Comb has an etched mesh design and fine teeth, great for short hair, beards and mustaches. If you like to spruce up throughout the day, or prefer to travel light, a go-comb is a great accessory you can take anywhere.


Go-combs are independently designed by Heather Burkman in Brooklyn, NY. Metals are produced abroad and finished in the U.S.

Size: 3.25" x 2", or 8.25cm x5.1cm (slightly smaller than a credit card)
Thickness: .15cm (slightly thicker than a credit card)
Material: Durable, waterproof stainless steel

Buyer Reviews

“Great item, wish I had it years ago — I use it daily. And this is going to be the gift I’m giving out this year for Christmas, a great stocking gift.”

“In out of the wind. Just before ‘The Interview.’ Fresh off the plane. During intermission.The last thing you do before she opens the door. Go-comb is the perfect ally for that last-minute grooming improvement. Great product.”

“These combs are wonderful: Untangles my below-shoulder hair pain-free. Best part is its compact size.”