Personalized Brass Tile Mirror

  • Personalized Brass Tile Mirror


Personalized Brass Tile Mirror


A brass Go-Comb with a brass chrome mirror on the back and customization on the front, making a unique and functional gift. This Go-Comb fits in any wallet like a credit card. Go-Combs are independently designed by Heather Burkman in Brooklyn, NY.  

Your custom Go-Comb comes with gift packaging; please note packaging color may vary.

Customization & Delivery

Up to 10 characters, including spaces (English characters only). Customized combs made once per week, so may take up to 5 business days to ship. *Note: Next batch of personalized combs will ship Jan. 4, then we will resume normal schedule of every 5 days.*


Size: 3.25" x 2", or 8.25cm x5.1cm (slightly smaller than a credit card)
Thickness: .1cm (slightly thicker than a credit card)
Material: Durable, lightweight, brass with clear coating
Metal go-combs are produced abroad and finished in the U.S.

Buyer Reviews

“Great item, wish I had it years ago — I use it daily. And this is going to be the gift I’m giving out this year for Christmas, a great stocking gift.”

“In out of the wind. Just before ‘The Interview.’ Fresh off the plane. During intermission.The last thing you do before she opens the door. Go-comb is the perfect ally for that last-minute grooming improvement. Great product.” 

"Great product - I love it because I carry a small purse and this takes up no room. I also like the mirror on the one side because it's easy to see myself and put lipstick on."