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Stainless Steel Bottle Opener: Fine Tooth
Orchid Lace
Orchid Lace $ 13.99
Stainless Steel Star Mirror
Copper Hexagon
Copper Hexagon $ 13.99

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About Go-Comb

Go-Comb: The new pocket comb.

Go-Comb was created to fill a hole in the hair care and daily beauty space: a portable comb that is lightweight, easy to remember and works great. Forget that old barbershop plastic comb or mini brush that you constantly forget, or need to replace every month. The Go-Comb is credit card-sized and fits in any wallet, so that you always have a comb on-the-go. Its sleek design and slim profile makes it a compact, effective and stylish comb for both men and women.

Go-Comb: Not just a wallet comb.

Go-Combs come in a variety of styles, covering different hair types and multiple functions. Our fine tooth comb is perfect for short hair as well as for detangling your beard or mustache. Wide tooth Go-Combs work great in medium to long hair. What’s more, some styles double as a mirror, to replace the mini brush and pocket mirrors in your purse, and our bottle opener comb lets you party in style.

Go-Comb: Designed to be your everyday and travel comb.

Go-Combs are designed to last. Our stainless steel combs are strong yet thin, and their coating is smooth on your hair and scalp. Our plastic wallet combs are durable — and since they’re stowed in your wallet, they’re extra protected. For those jetsetters out there, Go-Comb is the perfect travel comb, taking up almost no room in your toiletry bag.

Go-Comb: The ultimate gift and stocking stuffer.

Small, functional and well-designed, it’s no wonder Go-Combs make popular gifts. We can personalized a Go-Comb with a name, making a truly custom gift. Whether it’s your dad, mom, boyfriend, bridesmaids or your grandma, everyone finds delight in a Go-Comb.